Chances are, you’ve heard this Philly songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, whether you realize it or not. In addition to his eponymous releases, Killen has had his hands in playing, producing, and recording with a veritable pile of other Philly performers (including Small HousesKatie Frank and the Pheromones, and Mason Porter, just to name a few.) Later this year, he’ll be releasing his first full-length album, a follow-up to the hearty americana of 2013’s Laurelwood Road EP. If you need something to tide you over while waiting for the new album, try Killen’s recent cover of The Pogues’Streets of Sorrow“, a gorgeous and contemplative version that was released just in time for St. Patrick’s Day this year. 
-Breanna Perry,
"When music maker and Philly native Kevin KIllen isn’t producing albums for indie PA acts such as Tin Bird Choir and Psalmships, he wears the rusty mantle of a singer-songwriter. Killen has spent the last week on the road, visiting friends and playing a few shows along the way. During his stop yesterday in Rock Island, IL, he recorded a Daytrotter session and later played an intimate set to the few souls who braved the Midwestern weather to catch him at The Rozz-Tox."

"His brand of music is a mix of somber odes to heart-ache and livelier exercises in Americana."
   - Luong Huynh/ 


"I’m not exactly sure when I first heard of him, but as I am a guy that is interested and active in Philadelphia’s folk and singer-songwriter scene, the likelihood of me encountering Kevin KIllen was pretty certain. Killen’s presence in our brotherly city runs deep, it seems as if he has his hands in everything; if he’s not playing in various bands, producing and recording albums (currently, he’s working with local rootsies Tin Bird Choir), then he’s out performing his own music in the area and the country. He’s a busy guy."    
- Fred Knittle/Folkadelphia 88.5 wxpn

  "On Laurelwood Road, Kevin Killen finally was able to take some time to record his own songs, to make his own mark.  A six track look into his musical mind, this EP is written, produced & mixed by Killen.  Seen mostly in bands as a drummer, the multi-instrumentalist plays banjo, guitar, and various others on the album.
  With this being a self-produced debut solo album, there are no obvious limitations outside of the track count.  The diversity of the album is dramatic.  'Another Martyr has a lovely organ compliment to the guitar, while 'Horse, Home, Stone make companions of Sarah Larsen's fiddle and  Kevin's banjo.  One neat twist amongst the songs, is 'I Ran Away'.  Written for Ali Wadsworth's self-titled album, it is presented as male oriented first-person, compared to the female first person version on her album.  'Oh, The Ground' is my secret favorite.  Despite being a folk/rock superstar of sorts amongst the Philadelphia scene, this is a complete radio friendly gem."
-Dan McGurk/

"This isn’t the first time Philly’s Kevin Killen has appeared in a Halfway House Session(see the cute drummer in the Chris Bathgate/Hezekiah Jones HH Sessions). Nor is this the first time we’ve tried to capture Kevin’s own HH Session(another story for a different day in a different dimension). However – this is the first actual posting of the very charming Kevin Killen and his Halfway House Session and it’s quickly become one of our favorites. Sessions like this one remind us how fortunate we are to have talents like Kevin coming into the Stone House to spend some time with us."
-Chris Ziebarth/

"Philadelphia seems to be fast becoming an epicenter for singer/songwriters, and Kevin Killen is an excellent example. Like many singer/songwriters, his songs can be hard to fit into just one genre, and his music takes influences from folk, alt rock, jazz, and Americana. Probably his strongest point is his catchy choruses, which always seem to bring the song full circle".
-Matt Hundley/The Indie Music Review